Juega a detectives. Detective Grimoire

Detective Grimoire es un juego de detectives , realizado en flash , en el que deberas buscar pistas , hablar con testigos , etc… para descubrir el misterio.


2 pensamientos en “Juega a detectives. Detective Grimoire

  1. Hola Ana Belen,te la pongo , aunque está en ingles…Solucion Detective Grimoire :Talk to Officer James, read everything he says, and click I’m readyClick to the left, to go to the fairground entrance.Girl appears, get map, there are no clues outside the fairground, click the entrance to move ‘outside the funhouse’You will automatically start a conversation with the clown (Charles Ringer), afterwards, click him and ask him about ‘Last Night’, then ‘The Fairground’, then his ‘Ripped Clothing’Click the left side of the screen (or the move arrow) to move to the ‘Hoop Game Stall’Talk to Mandy, ask her about ‘Last Night’ and ‘The Fairground’Click the books next to her, they are a clue. Click Clues -> Books. After talking to her briefly, you’ll see “Get the truth” or “Leave it” Click “Get the truth”Hold your mouse hovering over the detectives right eye (the one closest to you) and read their conversation until you seethe screen FLASH. As soon as it does, move your mouse to the right quickly to make eye contact and catch her lying.Listen to her tell the truth.Click the right side of the screen, or the move right arrow to move to the Can game stall.After talking to the little girl, click the Green Pen, the Big Space (behind the counter) and the Window to gather clues/notes.Click the right side of the screen or the arrow to move to outside the Hall of Mirrors.Talk to Ricky, ask him everything as with everyone else before him…”Last Night”, “Fairground” and then “Other Staff”Click the red nose on the ground, the window to the left of the building, and the door to the Hall of Mirrors.Inside, click the broken mirror, glass shards, and marks on ground. Click the left side of the screen to exit.Click the right side of the screen or the arrow to move to the Big Wheel. Talk to Pete, ask him everything (as with everyone before… need I repeat it?)Click the right side of the screen or the arrow to move to the food court.Talk to Jerry, ask him everything (as before). When asking about “The Sights” you have to Get The Truth (as you did with Mandy)Click the Bin, move the trash around to uncover the Wire Cutters.Click the stall to go into the bathroom. Click the Drawing and the Writing. Leave.Move Right to enter the office and talk to Gary. Ask him everything, as usual. Click the Penpot, Calendar, Wire, and Wardrobe. Collect notes/clues. Click your Clues, and mouseover all of them, ask him about the Green Marker, PenPot, Cut Wire, and Calendar (have to get the truth as before, when asking about the calendar.)Click the map and go back to the Hall of Mirrors to talk to Ricky. Ask him about the Argument. Get the Truth.Map -> Funhouse -> Talk to Charles about Argument with Ricky. Click small opening to the lower left of the door (you’ll see wooden planks.)Move the planks out of the way, and enter the funhouse office.Click the book marked Records, click and drag to move all the papers on the left side to the right until you see the To Do List. Click the window, then the mirror on the back shelf. (w00t. teh murda wepin.) Click back.Outside the funhouse, click your clues and ask the clown about the cloth that was tied around the glass (that obviously belongs to him.)Clues -> Red Nose -> Ask clown, and Get The Truth.Map -> Hoop Game Stall -> Talk to mandy about her uncle. (and if you havent already, click the stuffed animals above her as they are a clue for whatever reason… I’ve not found its use..then ask her about The Toys.)Map -> Big Wheel -> Clues -> Ask ete about Wire Cutters… Get the Truth.Click your Profiles… mouseover everyone and realize… omg! Everyone but Pete is stamped innocent! Click the map and return to the Car Park.Talk to Officer James, and Let’s Do It!MURDERER: PETE NUBHATMURDER WEAPON: BLOODY GLASS SHARDANSWER 1: SO HE WOULD BE CALLED IN TO FIX ITANSWER 2: IN THE TOILET CUBICLEANSWER 3: TO FRAME CHARLES RINGERANSWER 4: BECAUSE PETE OILED THE DOOR BEFORE GOING INANSWER 5: PETE WIPED UP MORE OILANSWER 6: ALL OF THE ABOVE!


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